Welcome to Citadel NFT

What's the point of this website ?

Uploading many NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain is expensive, time consuming, not fun at all.
We've created this service in order to allow user to batch create their NFTs, publishing on Ethereum L1 blockchain, cheaper than ever.

How does it works ?

Pretty simply.
You just need to have your images ready and named as indexes in ascending order.
For properties, you need to have JSON files, samely named as images indexes.
Ex. Image : 1.png have 1.json file

How much for a publication ?

The cost for a publication of 1 NFT to 5000 is the same.
Actual price is 0.02 Ether + TX fees.

I'm not so technical, may I have a Q&A ?

You can follow this video to know how to start :

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Version : 1.0.1a